The Waltz

The Waltz (2004)

you can walk behind
but don’t look to the past
i’ve got nothing to lose now
the past is always worse than that
there’s plenty of losing
plenty of eyes falling down
plenty of unbroken hearts
ready to break someone’s now

the girl’s got a secret
she doesn’t want to hear
you can see it in the rhythm
of everything she holds
she’s crying out loud
with nothing to say
she turns ahead and he walks away

(chorus) the girl gets going somehow
and she lifts her head tonight
how does this woman
know when to stop
and give up the fight
aren’t you glad we’ve got
what we’ve got
we don’t have to choose
we don’t have to stop

(bridge) oh you wish we could never
slow down to hear
the words never said
he’s got a backward feeling
about noise instead