The Waltz (2004)

the girls like berlin like berlin in the snow
the walls come’a falling
just as she knows
to open up wide
show the side
she’s been meaning to show

just like a candle, like a candle outside
it goes out sometimes
and still shows the light
the light of a life
the light of a child
it’s been meaning to grow

(chorus) just as i’ve known you
you’ve shown me somehow
wearing back the braids
you were kissed like a child
and just as i’ve held you
you hold me somehow
the flow is our right
just let it go now
and just as i feel it
from deep in this lung
i can breath it all clean
the center of you
and the center of me
and the side we don’t see

the girl’s got an arm
she’s got an arm like a frame
she’ll wrap it around you
you’ll never feel the pain
lift it high
scoop it down low
she’s got nothing to show, no

but just like her window
like her window outside
the ball hits sometimes
shatters in the night
shatters the life
oh the life she’s been meaning to grow