If I Need to Know

For Keeps (2014)

Hold me and scold me, it’s a curious thing
Like angels with mopeds, or like street punks with wings
Your eyes turn to water while your tongue turns to steam
Crying everything, everything’s cool
Crying everything, everything’s cool

High tide and low tide, like furious hands
It’s waves against stone til it’s waves against sand
And pound if you must or just try and pretend
It’s the seashore that cradles the sea
It’s the seashore that cradles the sea

Guessing’s for children, guessing’s a game
It’s the heart pulls and pushes
The brine through the brain
But if I’m supposed to follow
Or if I’m supposed to go
Then you need to tell me
If I need to know

Hold me and scold me, it’s the song of a dove
Who’s perched with a blindfold, not fallen from love
If he’d open his eyes, would she unlace the gloves
And sing everything, everything’s cool
Singin’ everything, everything’s cool

Copyright 2013. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.