Lift up the Anchor

Call It My Garden (2011)

I got me a man and that crown rules his world
Gives him his power, and his weakness with girls
He finds himself thinking he’s no good with these strings
Cause he plays ‘em so hard, he can’t see what life brings

So lift up the anchor
It’s been raining for days
The back yards a floodin’
I’ll go a floatin’ away
Just lift up the anchor
I’ll be wild in my way
You’ll say who’s that pretty girl
She’s gone a floatin’ away

Been lookin’ for forgiveness
Been lookin’ for release
Been looking for the other side
Of where I wanna be
Been looking for a reason
Been looking for a light
Been looking for a weightless heart
Been trying to treat you right


And all I ask of god
Is to show me the time
And all I ask of you
Is to love me right now
And all I ask of you
Is to love me right