The Penny Collector (2017)

Back when she was a girl
She’d visit Niagara, it was the top of the world
And she’d dream of diving straight over the falls
When she was a girl

And oh, the mountains they called
When she saw the sage, she thought she’d figured it all
So she gave up the bible for crystals and stars
The mountains they called

Oh oh oh . . . it’s like the wind just blew in
Slapped the years on her skin
It all happened so fast
She wants to go there with grace
It’s hard to go there with grace

Then she built a nest
On 300 acres, from twigs and unrest
So deep in the forest that time might forget
She built a nest


The Grace, of a little girl
The Grace, in an open world
Grace, of a path that’s been paved
Grace of an altered plan
Grace with her own two hands
Grace, as if moments were saved


Oh, she settled down
As though the wind let the feather fall safe to the ground
When finally the needle found the hem of the gown
And she settled down

Back home
Oh, back home
Oh, back home