Edge of the World

Call It My Garden (2011)

We act like ourselves, but is it self that we want?
Or is it just some small piece of that woman over there?
Cause she’s dipped in gold and covered in pearls
OH NO, I wanna go to the edge of the world
And you can come along and dance with me some,
And we’ll twist and we’ll twirl ‘till our hearts come undone
And I’ll carve you a space; you can rest with me there
And you’ll tell me you love me every day of the year. Oh….

We’ll build us a house use the mud from our insides
Get rid of all the things that make us unclear
And that house will be free cause we’re so goddamn clouded
And then we’ll be free, free of all the free of all the
Things we’re afraid of and the things left unsaid
And the things ain’t got no business that dance in our heads
There’s so much room for silence when there’s no one else around
There’s so much room for you and me to be found. Oh….

We’ll plant ourselves a garden and work ‘till we’re tired
And then take our weary bodies, and lay down by the fire
We’ll wake when it’s dark feel the silence of night
We’ll squeeze out the palm leaves use the oil for lamplight
We’ll walk with the stars and sing with the wind
To the baby on your shoulders and god in our hands
And I’ll say a little prayer, kiss you on the cheek
I’ll say it’s time for bed oh, it’s time for sleep
And I’ll dream about the woman who’s dipped in gold
And I’ll wake to remember the time we chose the edge of the world.